i-ScubaDiving is an Innovative Remote Immersion System in Underwater Environments that will enable divers, using common underwater cameras and through a crowdsourcing platform, to create and share their own three-dimensional (3D) model of an underwater of cultural, environmental or diving interest.

Through the i-ScubaDiving system, users, such as amateur and experienced scuba divers, marine research groups, diving centers, will be able to remotely create and display on a global GIS map the 3D model and other material from an underwater point, such as photos , videos and texts. The possibility of creating a virtual reality (VR) environment based on the 3D model, with augmented information (AR) information is also provided. 

The system being developed can be used for various purposes, in the context of underwater research and education, for recreational purposes as well as for the protection of marine cultural and natural heritage and the promotion of diving destinations.

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